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NewsBoss News

  • The best ever

    NewsBoss is the best radio newsroom automation system I have ever worked with. It has streamlined our news process tremendously.
    Levi May Program Director KRMG NewsRadio, Tulsa
  • Always available

    I’ve worked with several software programs. None of those have served my needs quite like NewsBoss. I have reporters in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C and Dallas, every time zone in the country and you have ALWAYS been available at the first sign of any question a reporter has. What company does this? NewsBoss. Period!
    Andi McKay Operations Manager Radiate Media/Cumulus Broadcasting, Dallas
  • Easiest to use

    NewsBoss is simple, easy to learn, easy to teach, and imminently adaptable. It’s by far the easiest to use, most intuitively functional news management system I’ve encountered.
    Alan Ray Senior News Editor Capitol Public Radio, Sacramento
  • Converted

    I was a devotee of my previous news system... but after using NewsBoss for several months I see that it has a LOT of advantages: it's easier to learn, easier to use, and seems to work much faster. I can do the work of two or three people by myself and, since we are such a small staff, that makes life a lot easier.
    Terri-rae Elmer News Director and AM Drive Co-Host KABC, Los Angeles
  • The best solution

    We needed an integrated newsroom software system and NewsBoss was the best solution. NewsBoss centralized the location of audio, streamlined editing and the prompter feature allowed newscasters to self-engineer. We’ve been pleased with the technical support and ease of installation and deployment.
    Arvid Hokanson Assistant Program Director KUOW, Seattle
  • Just brilliant

    The designers of NewsBoss clearly understand broadcasting, for the software addresses every production issue confronting a major market, all-news operation broadcasting seven days a week, 24 hours a day. NewsBoss is a brilliantly conceived software program.
    Mark Miller KNX News Radio, Los Angeles
  • Simple and stable

    The simplicity and stability of NewsBoss, along with the flexibility to meet custom requirements, made it the obvious choice. Since installation there has been virtually no need for support, and on these rare occasions, vendor responsiveness has been exceptional.
    John Matthews News Director WMAL, Washington DC
  • What you need

    NewsBoss is great. It’s night and day to what we had before. New staff members learn it really quickly because it’s so user friendly. This is what you need to operate successfully in a busy news environment these days.
    James Derby Program Director Newsradio 750 KXL, Portland
  • Huge leap forward

    In just two weeks NewsBoss sheared forty years off KDKA’s technology gap. We couldn't be happier. The entire NewsBoss experience was as painless as it could be. Today, KDKA is a markedly better station than we were just two weeks ago. Thankyou NewsBoss.
    Steve Hansen Program Director KDKA NewsTalk 1020, Pittsburgh
  • The best in 30 years

    The minimal clicks or keystrokes to use the system save time, create efficiency and along with the ability to add, edit, or drop in breaking news while in the midst of a newscast, make this system the best I’ve used in 30 years in broadcast news.
    Ed Joyce Anchor/Reporter Capitol Public Radio, Sacramento
  • Saving time and effort

    NewsBoss has helped us better organize the entire newsroom workflow process, saving us time and effort in writing, researching, organizing and editing all our news products. And we have paid for it partly with the savings on printer paper!
    Jordan Weinstein PM Drive Anchor and Editor WGBH, Boston
  • Nothing is faster

    The most important part is that it takes half the time, if not less, to turn a story - audio and script - in NewsBoss than it did for me with my former system.
    Jim Roope Reporter KABC, Los Angeles
  • The only choice

    After only a few short months with the system, it’s hard to imagine running a news operation with anything but NewsBoss.
    Ron Haney Director of Engineering KROD, El Paso
  • Easy transition

    It was the easiest transition I have experienced in my radio and television news career. It’s extremely easy to understand and use. Now I’m spoiled and never want to use anything else.
    April Hill News Director KRMG NewsRadio, Tulsa



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