About Us

NewsBoss is a product of Desktop Technologies, an independently owned and operated broadcast solutions company founded in Australia in 1994.  Today NewsBoss is the heartbeat of more than 500 broadcast newsrooms in over 30 countries and is the leading complete radio newsroom system in North America and Australasia.

The Desktop Technologies mission statement is to continuously develop, market and support the leading digital news management system for radio at an affordable price.  NewsBoss prides itself on delivering exceptionally reliable user friendly software, constant enhancement and unsurpassed customer support.

NewsBoss is distributed globally by a network of international representatives and through key partnerships with several world-leading broadcast technology companies including Broadcast Electronics Inc., Enco Systems Inc., DAVID Systems GmbH and Wide Orbit Inc. 

Key People

The key people behind NewsBoss have been with the company since its inception. 

Director of Software Engineering and co-founder Bob Miller has a 30 year history writing software for the medical, banking and broadcast industries.  He brings a highly disciplined approach to software engineering which delivers robust, high quality software with an emphasis on ease of use.

Director of Product Marketing and co-founder Kurt Lass first encountered newsroom automation systems 30 years ago in his role as a broadcast engineer for Radio 2GB, the leading news and talk station in Sydney, Australia.  Kurt's extensive engineering background and personal experience of newsrooms and newsroom systems continues to focus NewsBoss on practical real world solutions to the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Software Application Specialist Ken Cavanagh has been a broadcast professional for 30 years as a reporter, anchor and Network News Director.  He combines software knowledge with intricate industry experience to manage even the most challenging projects.

Software Training Specialist Esther Bosman is the author of the NewsBoss User Guide and has trained thousands of end users in large and small organisations over 20 years.  Her professionalism and attention to detail ensure clients ask for her again and again.

NewsBoss remains proudly independent and is not owned or controlled by your competitors.



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About Us

NewsBoss is the best tool possible for broadcast professionals.  We are radio professionals who understand the demands of the industry.  Experience the most powerful, reliable, configurable and user friendly system available backed by the industry's best support services.