Audio Recording and Editing

NewsBoss provides exceptional audio editing tools designed specifically for simplicity, precision and speed in a fast-paced news environment.  The tools include a powerful single track editor with full fading and level control, a multitrack editor with full envelope editing and easy import and export to other locations.  Audio can be dragged and dropped directly into scripts and casts in a seamless and intuitive workflow. 


Single Track Editor





Drag and Drop Audio Into Scripts



Multitrack Editor






Single Track Features:

  • Intuitive, fast, precise operation.
  • Full envelope editing gives total control of levels and fades.
  • Drag and drop highlighted cuts directly into scripts.
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously. Cut, copy and paste with familiar Windows commands.
  • Multiple level undo and redo.
  • Simultaneously record and edit on the same screen.
  • Scrubbing of edit points.
  • Unique Assemble Mode instantly combines multiple sound bites into a single cut. 
  • Resize the editor up to full screen with zoom-in and zoom-out for unrivalled precision.
  • Out-cue and other information is saved with the audio clip and automatically inserted into scripts.
  • Ingests .wav, .mp3 and .m4a audio and saves as .wav or .mp3 in a wide variety of sample rates.
  • Easy import and export to external devices.



Integrated Audio and Text:

  • Simply highlight audio cut and drag and drop into script.
  • Minimize, enlarge and position the audio editor as desired.
  • Save cuts into any user defined audio library for easy management.
  • Audio cuts can be edited directly within scripts and casts.








Multitrack Features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Unlimited number of tracks.
  • Simple import of tracks from other sources.
  • Drag and drop segments from single track into multitrack.
  • Edit and mix on the same screen.
  • Mute and Solo buttons for previewing individual or selected tracks.
  • Level controls for each track plus in-track 'rubber band'level controls.
  • Fade-in, Fade-Out and Cross Fade, segment snap, normalize and more. 





AutoRecorder Features:

  • Automatically record a virtually unlimited number of audio streams simultaneously.
  • Events can be edited while recording for instant turnaround.
  • Edit events from multiple workstations simultaneously.
  • Schedule events in a simple Windows interface.
  • Recordings triggered by time, contact closure or voice activation.


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