NewsBoss System Configuration Options 


Operating Modes

NewsBoss can be run in two different modes:

Non-Client/Server mode, also called peer to peer, is ideal for small systems of 1 to 4 users.  In this mode, shared database files are accessed directly by the NewsBoss workstation applications.  It provides full functionality and strong performance on smaller systems and is extremely cost effective. 

Client/Server mode is recommended for systems of 5 or more users to provide faster and more robust performance on larger systems.  In Client/Server mode, NewsBoss workstations access the database via the c-treeACE Database Engine which is a product of FairCom Corporation.

NewsBoss can be run in several configurations:


Single User

NewsBoss is an economical solution even in the smallest newsrooms with only a single user.  The entire system can operate on a single computer.  A recent model PC with a multiple channel audio card is sufficient to enable wire and audio capture, text and audio editing, as well as on-air presentation to take place on the same PC.


Small and Medium Size Networked Systems

Newsrooms with up to 4 users utilize workstations connected via a local area network or LAN.  All of the workstations access the common database and audio files across the network.  One of the workstations will serve in a dual capacity to store the database and audio files as well as capture the wire and audio services.

Medium sized newsrooms are designed in much the same way, but will employ a dedicated PC to store the database and audio files and perform data capture and communication duties.


Large Networked Systems

Large newsrooms will employ one or more dedicated server class PCs, physical or virtual, to act as a database and audio file server as well as providing data ingest, indexing, archiving and communication services.  Redundancy and high availability are also a common feature of large systems.  As there are many possible solutions to match the needs of large newsrooms, please contact your local NewsBoss Representative for assistance in planning and design.


NewsBoss Connectivity

In addition to the main newsroom, a news operation may involve remote bureaus, field reporters, stringers as well as collaboration with other radio newsrooms. NewsBoss offers a comprehensive set of connectivity tools including a Web Browser Interface to enable gathering and dissemination of news content outside the main newsroom environment.


Redundancy and High Availability

Because a NewsBoss system runs on standard PC hardware and the Windows operating system, it is compatible with most third party redundancy and high availability solutions.

Hardware reliability and redundancy options such as RAID, hot swap disk drives and hot swap power supplies are commonly employed on NewsBoss system server PCs.  

For mission critical news operations, High Availability and Fault Tolerant solutions from our partner, Stratus Technologies are used by many NewsBoss customers.

Stratus everRun Express software in conjunction with dual off the shelf server hardware provides High Availability operation with 99.99% uptime at a modest cost.  Stratus everRun Enterprise software raises the bar for dual off the shelf servers to a true Fault Tolerant level of 99.999% up time. 

Stratus Technologies also manufacture ftServer, which is a fully integrated Fault Tolerant (>99.999% uptime) hardware and software platform with 24/7 real time monitoring and enhanced support levels for the ultimate in system availability and single source system maintenance.

Please contact us or your local NewsBoss representative to discuss a solution which most closely matches your needs.













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