Searching and Archiving

Searching and archiving is critical to many newsrooms.  The ability to rapidly find and reuse material makes a major difference to broadcast content and NewsBoss provides unrivalled search, archive and retrieval tools.  Forget time consuming manual archiving - NewsBoss does it all automatically and turns your own newscasts into a news resource that can be searched and retrieved in seconds.  


Search Active Content:

  • Full indexing makes NewsBoss searches exceptionally fast - no delays waiting for results.
  • Search thousands of Wire stories for matching phrases in seconds.
  • Every match is listed and every occurrence is highlighted to make sorting results fast.
  • Boolean phrases work in the search field.









Search All Queues at Once:

  • Search all active areas in one fast comprehensive search.
  • Include casts, stories, Wires, RSS feeds and tweets in a single search.
  • Results are sorted by location and time, making them instantly useful and meaningful.
  • Narrow searches by date range, writer, source and other parameters as required.
  • Unmatched search power, speed and simplicity with no computer delays or hang ups.








Search the Archive:

  • Casts are set to archive automatically with no user intervention.
  • Choose to include audio (saved as .mp3) or not in the automatic archive.
  • Instantly search the archive from the NewsBoss interface.
  • Boolean phrases, date ranges and other parameters narrow results quickly.
  • Every matching item is listed and highlighted instantly.
  • Play the audio immediately from the archive.
  • One button retrieve function brings archive items back for re-use and repurposing.






Immediate Search


Comprehensive Search


Instant Archive Retrieval




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