Content Distribution

NewsBoss ingests and distributes content in numerous formats to provide maximum connectivity and to create content sharing networks among affiliates and commonly owned stations.  Automatically share content between cities, with bureaux, websites and  external reporters or send content spontaneously to almost anywhere.  NewsBoss makes the most of your resources.


NewsBoss Receivers 

Receivers ingest data from almost any source in numerous formats including ANPA, IPTC and NewsML (XML).  Data can be captured using any method including satellite, serial, online streams, FTP, TCP/IP and direct file reading.  Connections are easily established in minutes.




NewsBoss Transmitters

Any content from NewsBoss can be easily be sent to remote locations by transmitters using serial, network, FTP or direct file connections.  This enables content to be automatically sent across town, across the country or around the world within seconds and maximizes the use of commonly owned resources.  Text and audio data can be shared between sites along with contact files and planning files where sharing is authorized.












Automatically Transmit Casts 

Set casts to automatically transmit to affiliates and bureaux at pre-set times either before or after broadcast time to enable cast presentation, repurposing or reference in other locations.  Scripts and audio cuts are transmited as a single file to maximize the use of resources across a network of linked stations.



Send Stories by Email 

Send stories by email spontaneously at any time.  A right-click option instantly sends the selected story using the default email client on the computer.  Script is copied into the body of the email and audio cuts are automatically converted into .mp3 files and attatched.  Stories can also be submitted by email from any computer, tablet or smartphone.



Connect Using a Web Browser

Reporters can connect to NewsBoss remotely from any web browser without the need for any installed software.  The connection gives access to all queues the user can access under their login.  Reporters can access and reprocess text and audio content from NewsBoss, exchange messages with other users and submit new stories directly into the system.  The full NewsBoss client can also be installed on a reporter's laptop or stories can be submitted by email from any computer, tablet or smartphone.



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About Us

NewsBoss is the best tool possible for broadcast professionals.  We are radio professionals who understand the demands of the industry.  Experience the most powerful, reliable, configurable and user friendly system available backed by the industry's best support services.