Database Engine

The heart of a NewsBoss system is the solid, high-performance c-treeACE database engine from FairCom Corporation.  The FairCom database engine provides the following important benefits for NewsBoss customers.


User Benefits

Single System Wide Storage

All scripts and stories in NewsBoss are stored, managed and accessed from a single database.  All users can access all scripts and stories in the system from any workstation.  Stories are never saved on local workstations where they can easily become lost.

Highly Configurable

Fully configurable organization of stories and scripts in a tree structure enables customization for sophisticated work flows in any newsroom environment.  Easily managed comprehensive user and group security settings enable access and editing rights to be tightly controlled by newsroom managers.

Instant Updates

Updates to stories, scripts and rundowns across the system are reflected automatically across the system in real time.  In the studio, updates are seamless, even during a newscast, enabling the anchor or news reader to concentrate on delivery.

Powerful Indexing and Searching

All stories and scripts are fully indexed in real time by the database engine and can be searched by keywords in seconds.  Even a search of an entire large database takes seconds to return a complete list of matches.  In addition, each Queue can be filtered on the fly by typing in keywords at the top of the list of stories.

Automated Archiving

Fully configurable automatic archiving is available for stories, scripts and associated audio cuts.  A comprehensive search capability can search for stories, scripts and associated audio cuts in the archive by date and keywords.

A configurable and automatic purging system ensures out of date and unneeded stories and scripts are automatically removed on an hourly or daily basis.


Technical Benefits

Extremely Fast Performance

NewsBoss is an intensive real time data processing application designed for the demanding needs of radio newsrooms and live on air presentation.  The FairCom c-treeACE database engine is optimized for high performance and throughput ensuring the near instant responsiveness needed in radio.


The unique underlying architecture of the FairCom c-treeACE database engine enables easy scalability of NewsBoss systems from a single newsroom workstation to a large client/server system with hundreds of users.

Near Zero Administration

There are no database administration requirements with the FairCom c-treeACE database engine.  NewsBoss customers can simply install and configure the database engine once and then leave it alone. 

Security Exposure

The FairCom c-treeACE database technology is only distributed by independent software vendors.  This means that FairCom based systems are less of a security target than other database providers such as Microsoft or Oracle.  Consequently, FairCom is proud of the fact that they have not had to release a security patch to date.


The FairCom c-treeACE database engine is highly reliable with better then 99.999% uptime.  In fact many customers report that FairCom c-treeACE database servers have been running for years without being restarted.


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