Content Ingestion

NewsBoss captures data from almost any source and makes it available to all workstations instantly.  Multiple staff members can work on the same project or asset simultaneously.  All incoming data is sorted based on your preferences and presented in the most useful format possible. 

Capture news agency wire services, Network audio services, Twitter, RSS feeds, FTP sites, live audio streams, email and more directly into your chosen workflow.  Reporters can file stories from smartphones, tablets and laptops using the full NewsBoss client or a simple web browser.

News Agency Wires

NewsBoss captures wire data from virtually any news agency wire service worldwide and is pre-configured for almost 50 major services including AP, Reuters, AFP, IRN, Xinhua, ABC, CBS, Metro Source and more.  All data formats including ANPA, IPTC and NewsML (XML) are fully supported and data can be ingested by almost any method including satellite, serial, online streams, FTP, TCP/IP and direct file reading.  All data can be sorted, searched, archived and purged as desired. Click image to enlarge.

NewsBoss Wires captures data from almost any source and makes it available to all workstations instantly. Click to enlarge.



Tweets are captured directly into NewsBoss and can be sorted, searched and organised like a Wire service.  Items can also be tweeted out from multiple Twitter accounts simultaneoulsy. Click image to enlarge.



Network Audio Services

NewsBoss automatically ingests audio cuts ready for broadcast from network audio services including ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX and more.  In most cases the audio is automatically linked to scripts ready to be used in newscasts.  Click image to enlarge.



RSS Feeds

RSS feeds ingest direct into NewsBoss enabling website content to be viewed much like headlines in a wire service.  Content can be dragged and dropped directly into scripts and casts.  Click image to enlarge.



Record a virtually unlimited number of audio streams simultaneously in the NewsBoss AutoRecorder.  Events can be edited while they are recording for instant turnaround from any workstation.  The simple Windows interface makes programming recordings simple by time, contact closure or voice activation. Click image to enlarge.




Any POP3 email can be ingested into NewsBoss, enabling scripts and audio cuts to be submitted by email ready for broadcast.  Audio is supported in .wav, .mp3 and .m4a formats.  Click image to enlarge.



FTP Downloads

Audio files can be automatically ingested from FTP sites into NewsBoss.


Integrated Web Browsers

Integrated Web Browsers within NewsBoss makes it faster than ever to get content off websites and on air.  Drag and drop content instantly into scripts, collate content from many sources into a single page in seconds and have instant access to all your favourite websites from any workstation.  Click image to enlarge.



Field Reporters Via Web Browser

Reporters can access all stories, audio cuts, wires and other content in NewsBoss from any web browser without installed software.  The Web Interface enables reporters to submit stories from the field directly into any folder or cast.


Field Reporters With Full NewsBoss Client

Reporters can have the full NewsBoss client on a home computer or laptop for complete functionality, providing the complete tools of the office from anywhere.


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About Us

NewsBoss is the best tool possible for broadcast professionals.  We are radio professionals who understand the demands of the industry.  Experience the most powerful, reliable, configurable and user friendly system available backed by the industry's best support services.