From a single user on a single PC to networked systems with hundreds of users across many locations, NewsBoss is fully scalable and can be configured to suit any environment.

NewsBoss is modern software designed for today's computer operating systems without the need for patches, batch files or other workarounds.  Designed from the outset to utilize the Windows environment, NewsBoss is familiar, user friendly and can operate in conjunction with other applications such as audio automation systems on the same PC.  NewsBoss clients can also be deployed in a Apple Mac® environment with the use of Parallels® or VMWare Fusion® software.

The ongoing engineering maintenance required by NewsBoss is extremely low.  While no critical system is absolutely 'set and forget' NewsBoss is extremely close to it.

NewsBoss runs on standard, off the shelf PC hardware and without the need for proprietary components, contributing to the simplicity and affordability of every NewsBoss system.   

The information on the Configuration and NewsBoss System Requirements pages provides an outline of NewsBoss systems. However, as each installation is unique, we recommend contacting your local NewsBoss representative for detailed assistance in planning and design.




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About Us

NewsBoss is the best tool possible for broadcast professionals.  We are radio professionals who understand the demands of the industry.  Experience the most powerful, reliable, configurable and user friendly system available backed by the industry's best support services.