Three Critical Reasons

The key factors in choosing the right newsroom system for a given situation can vary.  Typical factors include feature sets, ongoing support and value for money.  But some criteria are critical in almost every situation: reliability, ease of use and speed.  Those three factors are largely responsible for the efficiency gains and long term benefits a system can deliver and NewsBoss is built to maximise those benefits like no other system.

The renowned reliability of NewsBoss is based on its extremely efficient low overhead ISAM database and in most systems larger than five users the almost zero maintenance high-performance c-treeACE database engine from FairCom Corporation.  The c-tree database engine is completely scalable and is optimized for the high performance throuput demands of radio newsrooms and live on air presentation.  Used by a large proportion of Fortune 500 companies to store mission critical data, the c-tree database engine from FairCom Corporation provides a high level of security and delivers 99.999% uptime.

Reliability is magnified by the system's ease of use and NewsBoss is consistently rated as the easiest to learn and easiest to use newsroom system.  Almost without exception, users exposed to NewsBoss find it substantially more productive than any alternative - and the transition is almost immediate, even after years of familiarity with other software.

"We have wrapped up week one on NewsBoss and am VERY happy with the system...I co-anchored this morning and the speed of putting together each cast was amazing," was the reaction of WSB Atlanta News Director Chris Camp after his first air shift with NewsBoss.

"I can tell you it’s by far the easiest to use, most intuitively functional news management system I’ve encountered," says Senior News Editor at Capitol Public Radio in Sacramento, Alan Ray.  "I’ve been through four other major news computer systems so I think I have a fair set of yardsticks to measure what works and what’s not very  effective."

The overwhelming customer feedback on NewsBoss celebrates its ease to learn, ease to use and the major efficiency gains its flexibility delivers in a vast range of broadcasting environments.

"What I like most about NewsBoss over my former system is that NewsBoss is more user friendly.  The most important part is that it takes half the time, if not less, to turn a story - audio and script - in NewsBoss than it did for me with my former system," says KABC Los Angeles Reporter Jim Roope.

Program Director Levi May at NEWS102.3 and AM740 KRMG in Tulsa sees the big picture gains.  “NewsBoss has streamlined our news process tremendously, " he says.  "It has allowed us to work smarter while NewsBoss does the bulk of the busy work, and links us to other markets for instant breaking news content sharing.  NewsBoss is the best radio newsroom automation system I have ever worked with.”

At KABC in Los Angeles News Director and AM Drive Co-Host Terri-rae Elmer regards herself as a convert despite her initial reluctance.  "I was a devotee of my previous news system, because that is what I was used to using.  I really didn't want to make the switch," she admits.  "But using NewsBoss allows you get things done much more quickly.  I can do the work of two or three people by myself and, since we are such a small staff, that makes life a lot easier."

IT Managers typically enjoy NewsBoss for what they don't need to do.  System administration is exceptionally quick and easy.  In many cases a member of the news staff can manage all routine tasks so the IT demands are virtually nil after installation.  The database engine at the heart of NewsBoss has zero administration requirements and can be left alone once it is installed and configured. 

"The only problem we’ve had so far is someone forgetting their password," says Group Chief Engineer at 2GB in Sydney, Martin Quiggin.  "That’s a good indication in my opinion of how easy it is to use."

KROD El Paso Director of Engineering Ron Haney goes even further. "After only a few short months with the system, it’s hard to imagine running a news operation with anything but NewsBoss."

NewsBoss boasts an exceptional feature set, unsurpassed software support and unmatched value for money.  Even more importantly it wins on the big three factors that generate long term benefits and efficiencies: reliability, ease of use and speed.

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