Latest Release: NewsBoss V6.9.11302.15

The latest release version of NewsBoss is V6.9.11302.15, released in July 2024. 

Important enhancements incorporated in our recent releases include:

Version 6.9

  • Support for latest AP Media API ingest.
  • New display options for summaries and headlines in AP Media API stories.
  • Substantially enhanced Web Interface rebranded NewsBoss MoJo for web browsers and mobile devices.
  • MoJo enables cast assembly, reordering and enables Prompter-like remote presentation.
  • MoJo enables story Hold from Purge, Free to Purge and removal of Edit Locks.
  • MoJo now supports upload of much larger media files.
  • Light/Dark mode supported in both NewsBoss and MoJo.
  • Updated Story Notication Button shows the 50 latest story notifications instantly.
  • Change Tracking and bulleted/numbered lists now supported in story editor.
  • Enhanced workflow to integrate with Slack.
  • Enhanced handling of emails and attachments.
  • New ability to fully synchronize (mirror) queues between different NewsBoss sites.
  • Enhancements to how Predefined Audio Events are saved and displayed.
  • Support added to play, record, edit and mix 24-bit and 32-bit audio files.
  • Support added for uncommon sample rates from 16kHz to 192kHz. 
  • AXIA and WheatNet GPIO control of Prompter if desired.
  • Light/Dark Mode supported in NewsBoss Prompter and Audio Editors.
  • New Advanced Quick Record enables faster than real time newscast pre-recording.
  • New abilty to split audio blocks in the Multitrack Editor.
  • Multitrack levels now scale from -40dB to +40dB and level changes show dynamically.
  • Prompter Quick Start buttons can now rotate numerous audio events.
  • Improved handling of formated documents in both NewsBoss and MoJo.
  • Automated Block Timing introduced in rundown Queues in NewsBoss, Prompter and MoJo.
  • Enhanced sample rate conversions in Audio Editors.
  • Enhanced control of bit rates when saving MP3 files.
  • Enhanced handling of some AP Wires Filter Expressions.
  • Legacy (colorful) mode option added in addition to Light and Dark mode.
  • MoJo Gateway allows multiple NewsBoss systems to be accessed through one public facing website.
  • Support for .ogg, .opus and .flac (WhatsApp) audio files to be played and edited. 



















Version 6.8

  • Story Flags introduced enabling traffic light story approval and assignment of colored flags to stories for many purposes.
  • Story flags are assigned via a right-click menu and meanings can be assigned by Administrators.
  • Story Flags save to the archive and can be searched within the archive.


Version 6.7

  • Media Libraries can now be organised in Media Library Sets for easier access and management.
  • Updated icons in toolbars and user interface.
  • Much faster and easier AutoRecorder configuration.
  • Much faster loading of queues, Prompter and Contacts/Organisaitons, esp over WAN for FairCom Server NewsBoss systems.
  • Filters added to transmit and receive content in Avid NSML format with INEWS systems.
  • Further improvements to the NewsBoss Web Interface, including support for https connections.
  • Enhancements to Predefined Audio Event Feature.
  • Support for .bwf audio files.
  • Enhancements to License Server and IPC Server.
  • New options for managing stories shared between multiple locations.
  • Support for SFTP and FTPS Receivers.
  • Enhanced Archive Repair Tool to exponentially accelerate Archive searches.
  • Rundowns archive once daily at a set time.
  • Wires resizes and shows expanded message history.
  • Quick automatic release for locked rundowns.
  • Enhancements to several RSS and Wire Receivers.
  • Ability to quickly sort and kill unwanted sessions on other client PCs.
  • Enhanced drag and drop of media asset files.
  • Enhanced heartbeat monitoring of remote connections.
  • New right-click in web browser to rip and download actual video files.
  • OAuth2 authentication added for Gmail and Microsoft Mail in POP3 email receiver.
  • New transmitter option to resend all stories in a queue.














Version 6.6

  • Enhanced NewsBoss Web Interface now compatible with mobile devices.

Version 6.5

  • Email ingested natively as HTML with enhanced media asset handling.
  • Pre-configured audio events can be saved direct to Automation (if activated).
  • 2D Graphics enabled in the audio editor for more fluid graphics.
  • Duration of audio selections and segments more prominent in the audio editor.
  • Duration of audio cuts shown in the audio save dialogue.
  • Duration of audio cuts can be displayed in all Story Lists.
  • Automatically purge audio from libraries after chosen times (if configured).
  • Ability to ingest content from the QGoLive field reporting app.
  • Queues can be configured to export as RSS.
  • Rip audio from videos. 
  • Ability to pre-record newscasts in NewsBoss Prompter. 
  • Optional automatic and manual countdown timers in Prompter.







Version 6.4

  • Support for Reuters RSS data delivery.
  • Enhancements for FairCom V11 clients and email memory management.

Version 6.3

  • Multitrack Sessions can now be saved and reopened.
  • Multitrack sessions now have undo/redo.
  • Direct drag and drop of selections from single track to Multitrack editor.
  • Single track editor can now split stereo channels to deal with L or R channel independently.
  • Enhanced selection of edit markers in new-look single track audio editor.
  • AP filter now supports new AP WebFeeds audio download which replaces AP PrimeServer.
  • Updated integration with DAVID automation systems.
  • Incoming email accounts can ingest images and videos in independent media libraries.
  • Support for new Associated Press audio delivery via the AP WebFeeds Agent.
  • Twitter support for 280 character tweets.
  • Tweeting limited to one account at a time to meet Twitter's new terms of use and avoid account suspension.

Version 6.2

  • Enhanced Queue Tabs enable users to create multiple tab sets for different purposes or dayparts and load instantly.
  • Wheatstone GPIO support enables audio players and QuickStarts to be triggered by Wheatstone SLIO.
  • Automation Output - Prompter QuickStarts can now trigger Wheatstone or Axia output pins.
  • Axia GPIO and Wheatstone SLIO support for NewsBoss AutoRecorder.
  • New DocImport receiver ingests .txt, .doc and .docx files from any accessible Windows folder. 

Version 6.1

  • New fully integrated Chromium core web browser.
  • Ad blocking, popup blocking, image blocking and phishing/malware blocking.
  • Address bar acts as search bar.
  • Save images and audio direct from web pages to NewsBoss Media Libraries.
  • Media preview thumbnails for visual media.
  • Enhanced layout persistence for resizable dialogues between sessions.
  • New menu icons for enhanced command recognition.
  • New Tab (+) icon instantly adds a new story, new web browser or new tweet page.
  • AutoClip from Scratchpad.
  • Configurable MP2 bitrate and joint stereo settings.

 Version 5.13

  • Supports Audio, Images and Video in enhanced Media Asset Libraries.

Version 5.12

  • Enhanced indexing and searching including slugs, headlines and bylines.

Version 5.11

  • Third audio channel added to support complex formatics.
  • Better audio integration with third party radio automation systems.
  • Export of pictures in stories to websites and other locations. 

Version 5.10

  • Automatically transmit newscasts to remote locations including full script and all audio cuts.
  • The new End of Cast line allows standby items to sit in cast queues without affecting duration.
  • Prompter now alerts anchors if the on-screen story is updated while live on air.

Version 5.9

  • Enhanced single track audio editor includes volume envelope for dynamic visual level cut, boost and fade.
  • Waveforms dynamically change as levels are adjusted in single track and multitrack.
  • Drag and drop highlighted selections or segments from the audio editor directly into stories to create new audio cuts faster.
  • Scratch Pad is an auto-saving personal text window to hold text, audio links and hyperlinks to accelerate workflow.
  • Audio linked to stories can be automatically archived in high quality mp3 format.
  • Digital clock added to Prompter.

Customers can view the complete enhancement list by logging into the Customer Zone and viewing the Release History.  For enquiries about upgrading your NewsBoss system to the latest version please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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