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The challenge for many radio newsrooms today is doing more with less - more broadcast content, more website content, more program content, more social media content and all in less time with fewer staff and limited resources. 

NewsBoss is designed to meet the challenge by maximising efficiency and enabling news and program teams to do more with existing resources and less stress.  Almost universally, clients who convert to NewsBoss discover substantial increases in their capabilities.

"I can do the work of two or three people by myself and, since we are such a small staff, that makes life a lot easier," said News Director and AM Drive Co-Host for KABC Los Angeles, Terri-rae Elmer.

Easy Transition

The efficiency gains do not demand a steep learning curve or a painful transition process.  NewsBoss is renowned as the most user friendly system available and receieves consistent praise for making the conversion process as painless as possible.

"To my surprise, it was the easiest transition I have experienced in my radio and television news career.  NewsBoss was created by radio people for radio people.  It’s extremely easy to understand and use.  Now I’m spoiled and never want to use anything else," said News Director and Anchor for NEWS102.3 and AM740 KRMG Tulsa, April Hill.

The powerful integration of text and audio in NewsBoss accelerates workflow substantially and enables journalists to work on many projects simultaneously.  NewsBoss enhances data sharing, teamwork and collaboration and also greatly improves planning, searching and archiving in almost every news operation.

"NewsBoss has helped us better organize the entire newsroom workflow process, saving us time and effort in writing, researching, organizing and editing all our news products.  NewsBoss is a great time and work saving system," according to PM Drive Anchor and Editor at WGBH in Boston, Jordan Weinstein.

The benefits are not confined to the newsroom, but extend to programs, programmers and outside reporters who can all access and edit content in real time.

"The most important part is that it takes half the time, if not less, to turn a story - audio and script - in NewsBoss than it did for me with my former system," stated KABC Los Angeles Reporter Jim Roope, who previously spent many years corresponding for CNN Radio.

Efficient Licensing and Rollout

NewsBoss is also licensed to help clients do more with less.  In almost every case it requires fewer licenses to meet your needs with NewsBoss than with any other news system.  The flexibility and configurability add up to substantially lower costs.

As an organisation NewsBoss has decades of experience managing complex rollouts and meeting the specific needs of broadcast clients, including the national rollout of NewsBoss on time and on budget for Australia's Fairfax Radio Network in 2013.

"NewsBoss delivered on every promise that was made during the negotiations and more. They were very flexible with modification and adapting to the specialised FRN workflow.  The project was hugely successful with 100+ users now creating news content on the system," said Technology Director of Fairfax Radio Network, Joe Sexton.

Long beyond purchase and installation NewsBoss prides itself on unsurpassed software maintenance and support to meet the demanding requirements of an industry that never sleeps.

"You’ve gone well above and, on several occasions, beyond your role as a support team.  You even took the time to work on issues that had nothing to do with your own software!  In my 28 year career in broadcasting, I’ve worked with several software programs.  None of those have served my needs quite like NewsBoss," said Operations Manager for Radiate Media/Cumulus Broadcasting in Dallas, Andi Mckay.

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